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April 14, 2017

How the public can reclaim the housing industry

Although the community land trust, or CLT, is still a minority animal in Australia it figures more strongly in, for instance, the US, where reclaim-the-city movements have had more impetus, for longer. On this scenario, a…
April 13, 2017

New Josh Byrne show to highlight density done well

The first four episodes, available to view now, look at four different projects across the country, which each communicate a different facet of density done well, and include Christie Walk in Adelaide, The Commons in Melbourne,…
February 28, 2017

Floating Worlds – New Territories

Floating Worlds comprises a series of lectures and live-conducted interviews centering oriented around potential roles for architecture in the contemporary neoliberal political economy, with a focus on issues pertaining to gender and identity. In a sense,…
February 28, 2017


“#WeLiveHere2017 began with the belief that putting a human face to public housing is vital to encourage compassion, action, and resistance to the rapid urban change in Waterloo, Sydney. Late last year this project took on…
April 11, 2016

Affective Constructions: Notes on Housing and Art

Houses are intimate spaces, a shelter where the self is nourished and protected, and identity rebuilds itself on a daily basis. But besides being a cradle of affection and a social space, houses also reflect economical,…
April 6, 2016

borderlife by Biancoshock

In Bucharest where over 3000 young people literally live underground in a republic of sewers Tags: dripfeed_critical_housing