The Drip Feed is designed to keep you irrigated with the latest in the arts that concerns the community based, socially engaged and interdisciplinary/hybrid arts sector. Whether you are a practitioner, arts leader, participant, stakeholder or interested public, this site brings you an injection of what’s happening in the sector—and the rest of the world. It’s your arts on tap.

This arts sector is loose, amorphous and porous, but this website is addressed to what’s best described as Small to Medium. This includes CACD (community arts and cultural development), contemporary arts and performance, experimental, DIY and artist led basically all those artists and companies and groups practising intimately networked socially engaged community based, hybrid and experimental activities. This website is for those artists and art groups and companies that are interested in furthering the debate about what constitutes practice and community with a view to evolving new ones. It’s political. It’s now.

In terms of function, The Drip Feed behaves as three different feeds: Channel, Critical & Corkboard.

The Channel features all the latest material being produced by artists and arts organisations in the sector – here and abroad.

The Critical features brain food sourced from essays and writings that will keep you hydrated on related issues to the sector such as housing, economics, policy, urban planning, to exercise your thinking muscles.

The Corkboard will give you a heads up on professional development opportunities and call outs you can go after.

The Drip Feed is an initiative produced by CuriousWorks and supported by the Australia Council. It emerged as one of three proposals from the National Sector Development Initiative (NSDI) in 2012 which seeks to grow the sector, by identifying its needs and how best to support them.

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The Drip Feed is an initiative by

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