Issue I, March 2017

Dear lovers of artist sweat shops,

Welcome to the very first Drip Feed e-newsletter. Thank you for subscribing and choosing to be part of the shouty end of the arts spectrum, which wants to combine all things art + everything else (economy / urban-planning / education / health / ‘ecology’ — INSERT OWN SUBVERSIVE GENRE). This is an experiment with an online platform and a local project Marrickville School of Economics which is launching in October. The Drip Feed started out as a platform to celebrate and promote all things art + community + politics and to see the artist led sector as a potentially radical space.

This digital download of all things arts related is intended to provide a particular focus on how the arts can be a powerful force for change without all the preachy evangelical feel good soft stuff and more of the hard science and economics and bold political moves that hold power and shape the way our world works. That’s not to say that soft things are bad – it just intends to shift the argument about why culture and art is powerful into the realms that reflect and shape the actual lived experiences of people – and try and connect them up.

The way this site works is basically it pulls content from the web on critical essays, video and audio work, and announcements and opportunities for the arts – and in the future plans is building a sophisticated calendar and communication platform and directory for artists to share and barter resources—from materials to accommodation and gigs.

This news is written from the perspective of Sydney Australia – and to that extent it is firmly filtered by the politics and work of that location – but it intends to have a global perspective and tease out other connections and draw them into conversation.

We want to feel connected and conversational with our northern hemisphere and asia pacific communities – build some bridges.

We welcome feedback – but please be patient – because currently this position is not funded – and so we particularly welcome feedback on that!

In the meantime we are experimenting with a donation tab and an advertising contribution from arts related companies and organs. So please tell your friends so we can build this platform!!!